Important. Ensure that all the packets received are in good condition and have not been beaten. As well as receiving the amount of packets that mark the delivery of the transit agency. In case of a missing package, hit package or damaged package, you must note it on the delivery note of the agency. If you don’t make these annotations, we cannot make any claim to the transit company. In case you do not put this observation, we will not responsible for any lost item, hitted or damaged.

Remember to sign the delivery receipt without putting incidents are acknowledging that you have received the goods in full and in a fully satisfactory condition.

If a fault occurs in the delivery, it shall inform us, within a maximum of 24 hours, it being necessary to submit a copy of proof of delivery of the agency with the incidence of loss noted.

Similarly, for the return of a defective product you must request permission.

If you must perform some delivery prepaid to us, should be consulted prior to the customer service department to designate the agency that performed the delivery. In case you have not previously done this query we will not be liable for the payment of such freight.

Once the complaint and authorized, the product must be prepared for collection by packing it correctly and with the provided address indicated on the outer packaging.

We will manage the collection of damaged or defective product. Neither the return postage nor forwarding will be charged to the customer in case of damage or defective product.

Returns costs by customer confusion borne by the buyer.

Please if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us:

You can also use the contact form.


Applicable shipping rates

Shipping to France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Shipping value Shipping cost
< 89,00€: 15,00€
89,01€ - 159,00€:  10,00€
> 159,00€: Free


Shipping to Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Gibraltar and Romania.

Shipping value Shipping cost
< 99,00€: 25,00€
99,01€ - 199,00€:  19,00€
199,01€ - 299,00€: 12,00€
> 299,00€ Free


Shipping to Portugal

Shipping value Shipping cost
< 89,00€: 9,00€
89,01€ - 129,00€:  6,00€
> 129,00€ Free


Shipping to USA and Canada.

Shipping value Shipping cost
Por cada unidad:   95,00€


 Eva Hardcase

 Pick n pluck foam


 flyer keyboard Midi

Trunk, baules