Warranty terms

In agreement with European law "Ley 23/2003, de 10 de Julio, de Garantías de la Venta de Bienes de Consumo" (based on Guarantees Directive -1999/44/EC) all products sold by WALKASSE SL. are covered by a two year warranty (from purchase date) against any manufacturing and/or materials defects.

In case of malfunction during warranty period, WALKASSE will assume the equipment overhaul (workmanship and parts) with no charge for the client according to the terms of the before mentioned law and subject to the following conditions:

1. Warranty will be valid only with the original invoice.

2. All overhauls under warranty term will be made by an authorized technical service. Overhauls done at non authorized technical services will not benefit from warranty and any damage to the product as result of the overhaul will not be covered by warranty.

3. WALKASSE takes responsibility for the overhaul due to manufacturing defects and for the replacement or repair of defective parts when deemed necessary. Costs derived from any kind of installation are not covered by this warranty.

4. This warranty is not valid for circumstances different to manufacturing defects and it does not cover the following:

- Periodic maintenance, cleaning and parts replacement due to impairment during normal use.
- Damage caused by accidents, negligence, unauthorized modifications, use of non-original spare parts, improper use and improper packaging or installation.
- Products with illegible serial numbers and/or altered warranty forms.
- Damage caused by lightning, water, fire, riots, improper supply voltage, improper ventilation or any other circumstance alien to WALKASSE’s will.

5. WALKASSE is not responsible for damaged equipment and/or software interconnected with the product.

6. This warranty is valid for any person legally in possession of the equipment during warranty term.

7. Walkasse SL. will attend the warranty claims of the products sold directly by Walkasse, SL. To manage the guarantee of those products sold by one of our dealers, you must address to the dealer where you bought a product with the brand Walkasse.

8. The rights granted to the owner of this product are only the ones explained at the warranty form. WALKASSE will not be liable for the cost of any replacement, repair/overhaul, loss or damage directly or consequentially related to improper use of the equipment.

9. Present warranty is given with no bias to the rights granted to consumers by the national laws. And do not modify any other conditions or additional warranties granted to the purchaser by the country laws.