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This collection of flight cases has been designed for protecting and transporting your midi controller along with other professional sound equipment such as your CD players or "live" controllers.

As well as the rest of our collections, the materials we use are selected for their excellent strength and low weight ratio. This way we guarantee that your equipment will not suffer any damage, under normal conditions, and also, you will find it comfortable and easy to transport.

In addition, we try to include all kinds of elements, so you can select the flight case that best suits your needs.

Most of these DJ cases have the GL system. It is a system specially devised to evacuate the heat generated by the equipment.

This way you avoid the high temperatures and lengthen the life of your music mixer and CD player. There are models with sliding stands for your laptop only or for your laptop and other accessories that you may need during your session. We also include embedded wheels in some models to make transportation easier.

If you have any doubts while you are reviewing this flight case range, please contact us so we can help you select the model that best meets your needs.

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